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  • Information

    1-channel multimeter

    • The sturdy new KTS module KTS 560 is based on the Bosch diagnostic application ESI[tronic] 2.0. Not only do it support all of today’s relevant diagnostic protocols, but also future protocols based on Ethernet (Diagnostic over IP).
    • What’s more, it is possible to operate several diagnostic protocols in parallel – enabling you to also use the vehicle manufacturer’s portals for diagnosis and reprogramming in accordance with EURO 5.
    • Apart from vehicle communication, voltage, resistance and current can be measured easily and efficiently.
    • In addition to USB 2.0, powerful Bluetooth® hardware is built in to make a reliable mobile connection with a Windows-based PC.

    Part number: 0 684 400 560

  • Technical data

    Technical data: KTS 560
    KTS 560 (1-channel multimeter)
    Vehicle protocols
    (EURO 5 compatible)
    ISO 15031, ISO 22900, SAE J2534-1 and -2 (PassThru), ISO 9141-2 (K and L), SAE J1850 VPW and PWM,
    CAN ISO 11898, ISO 15765-4 (OBD), CAN Single Wire, CAN Low Speed, ISO 13400 (Diagnostics over IP),
    other vehicle-specific protocols
    Voltage measurement
    Measuring range 200 mV- 60 VDC/30VAC
    Accuracy ±0.75 % of measured value,
    plus ±0.25 % of measuring range
    AC frequency range 10 Hz -100 kHz (–3 dB)
    Resistance measurement
    Measuring range 100 Ω -1 MΩ
    Resolution 0.1 Ω -1000 Ω
    (depending on the measuring range)
    Input resistance >9 MΩ

  • Scope of delivery

    Part number: 0 684 400 560

    • OBD connection cable (1.5 m)
    • Power supply unit
    • Measuring accessories
    • USB connecting cable (3 m)
    • Trolley mounting parts set
    • Bluetooth® USB adaptor
    • Case